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Merritt Hawkins | Testimonials


“Merritt Hawkins’ consultants took the time to understand our opportunity and organization and to make sure candidates would fit not only personally and professionally with us, but also with our overall mission. The detailed process was exactly what we were looking for.”
Tim Olson
Linn Community Care
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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“Though I am inundated with recruiter solicitations, Merritt Hawkins is always the first company we
contact when we have permanent placement needs. They truly exemplify professionalism and
quality service.”
Tricia Williams
Lead Physician Recruiter
Family Health Center of Battle Creek
Battle Creek, MI
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“I think Merritt Hawkins has been a top partner in every way. We’ve been provided with market analyses in addition to great profiles of all the candidates they have recruited.”
Alex Gonzalez, MD, MPH
Medical Director
Fenway Health
Boston, Massachusetts
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“I have worked with other physician recruiting companies and there is no comparison – Merritt Hawkins
outshined all the others!”
Shelley Sant
Director of Marketing
Primary Health Network
Sharon, Pennsylvania
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“In rating Merritt Hawkins as a partner, I would say they are the best physician search firm I have worked with. They have quality individuals leading the search process and are very professional.”
Dana Engle
Chief Executive Officer
Rocking Horse Community Health Center
Springfield, OH
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“In assessing the firm’s strength, I would rate as number one their in-depth experience in our area. Other assets include their national resources, their research and data, and the ability to contact candidates.”
Colonel Hartley
Chief Executive Officer
Community Health of South Florida
Miami, Florida
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“Merritt Hawkins has done a fantastic job in responding to our needs. We have hired four times as many physicians with Merritt Hawkins as we did with any other search firm.”
Charles R. Bottoms, MBA
President and Chief Executive Officer
Tampa Family Health Centers
Tampa, Florida
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“Other companies put pressure on us to ‘close the deal,’ but Merritt Hawkins worked with us all the way through until we were able to hire the general surgeon we really wanted.”
Byron Clarke
Director of Human Resources
Utah Navajo Health System, Inc.
Montezuma Creek, Utah
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“Merritt Hawkins’ fee was well-worth diminishing the costs of a physician vacancy. I would recommend this firm to others recruiting a physician.”
Walter Murillo
Chief Executive Officer
Native Health
Phoenix, Arizona
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“Working with Merritt Hawkins offers a very personal experience. Their staff is very knowledgeable and guides clients through the recruitment process.”
Dianne Smith
Executive Director
Dolores County Health Association
Dove Creek, Colorado
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“The primary strengths of the firm are its customer service focus and follow-up capabilities. We were very impressed with the monthly calls and reports that were informative but not intrusive and allowed me, as a busy executive, to focus on other areas of the operations.”
Laurie Kane-Lewis
DFD Russell Medical Center
Leeds, ME
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“We found the initial visit that Merritt Hawkins’ marketing consultant made to the community to be very beneficial, as was the on-site visit by the recruiting team. Merritt Hawkins assigned a very competent recruiter to our search.”
Phyllis Faulkner
Corporate Executive Manager
Salud Family Health Centers
Fort Lupton , Colorado
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“Merritt Hawkins did a great job in responding to our needs, maintaining contact with me throughout the entire process. Their ability to collaborate, to serve as an outside resource, and adapt to our needs was all outstanding.”
Tamekia Livingston-Willis
Human Resource Generalist
Iberia Comprehensive Community Health
New Iberia, LA
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“Merritt Hawkins has been an effective recruiting partner, in particular by successfully adapting their search process to fit out needs.”
Scott McFarland
Chief Executive Officer
Miners Family Health
Grass Valley, California
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“In assessing the various strengths of the firm, I would point to the client assistance Merritt Hawkins provides. Their consultants helped us determine what was needed for the offer and for the interview. They established good communication with physician candidates and did a great job of ‘selling’ our opportunity. They also provided good wage and benefit comparables so we could put together a good package to offer.”
Mari Freiberg
Executive Director
Scenic Bluffs Community Health Centers
Cashton, WI
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“We selected Merritt Hawkins & Associates because based on their experience and resources they seemed to be up to the job. The firm’s strengths include the perseverance, organization and hustle of its consultants. Though the search was not completed overnight, they did land us the type of physician we were seeking.”
Adele D. Woods, MS, CEO
Coos County Family Health Services
Berlin, NH
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