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340Better Pharmacy Program

340Better340BetterSM pharmacy program contracts with pharmacy manufacturers for discount pharmaceutical pricing below 340B and locks that contract pricing in for at least one calendar year. By targeting high cost/high volume pharmaceuticals and having no monthly or annual program charges, the 340BetterSM program controls the cost of medications that impact a pharmacy budget.

The high number of centers purchasing through the 340BetterSM program empowers CHV/TACHC to negotiate large discounts on pricing. This collaboration maximizes the discount for all health centers participating in the program. The 340BetterSM program is based on the group volume for all participating centers as opposed to traditional programs that charge individual health centers higher costs depending on their size and location.

340BetterSM Distribution

Cardinal Health offers e-Procurement accounts to all 340BetterSM centers at no charge. This web based ordering application, www.cardinal.com, gives health centers the ability to make the best purchasing decision for products at the lowest cost. This system information is updated at least daily giving members information that is accurate and current.

When utilizing www.cardinal.com, the products are listed in ascending order by cost. 340BetterSM contract products are listed first and highlighted, allowing health centers to easily compare pharmaceuticals within the program. Health centers can search for generic equivalents, sort by size and cost, toggle between unit price and package price and view by strength and count.

Cardinal Health’s vast distribution network throughout the United States ensures equal distribution to every health center regardless of their size or location, including in-house pharmacies, dispensaries, contracted retail pharmacies and other arrangements.

The newly negotiated distribution contact by CHV/TACHC with Cardinal will be in effect from August 1, 2008 – December 31, 2013

Enrollment in ViP is free and easy. To learn more about ViP and to help get started, contact:

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