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ViP AT&T Enrollment Process

AT&T offers ViP members a 24% discount on both corporate and individual cell phone plans

Enrollment Information:

In order to access the discounts, an organization must first submit notification to AT&T that they want to enroll in the ViP discount.

ViP Member Organization Registration

  1. ViP member must submit the following information to enrollment@valueinpurchasing.com:
    • Name
    • Title
    • Email Address
    • Health Center
    • Billing Address
    • Tax ID Number
  2. AT&T will take up to 1 month to process enrollment.
  3. Once enrollment is processed, the ViP member can access the discount for both corporate and personal cell phone plan discounts.

24% Employee Discount Registration

Employees (and up to 5 family members) can access the personal discount using the processes below.

  1. Employees of ViP member organizations are eligible for AT&T discounts and will utilize the FAN number generated by AT&T for their organization.
  2. The eligible employee must be the primary AT&T account holder (AT&T account must be in employee’s name).
  3. Enroll for employee discounts at the following:

24% Corporate Discount Registration

  1. Contact ViP representative below to connect your organization to the corporate discount.


    1. May need 1-2 billing cycles for AT&T discounts to be applied to your account.
    2. Registering will restart member’s two-year commitment with AT&T but will not affect the upgrade status of the account.
    3. Discounts apply only to service plans on the main account.  Unlimited plans, $10 add-on lines and mobile broadband data are not eligible for discount (Example: the discount will be applied to the Family Plan amount and regularly priced data features added to all lines).  Talk to an AT&T representative to determine if you should change plan levels.

Enrollment in ViP is free and easy. To learn more about ViP and to help get started, contact:

Rod Peredo
VP Client Services
[o] 703-739-7308
[f] 703-995-0817
Alex Vactor
Executive Sales Associate
[o] 301-347-0400 ext. 4061
[f] 703-995-0817

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