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CHC Webinar: Improving Patient Management During 2017-2018 Flu Season Webinar


CLIA-waived technologies for diagnosing, monitoring and managing Influenza Like Illness (ILI) in your Community Health Center

Event Password: Flu101

Webinar Overview/Program Goals

Learn about the newest CLIA-waived rapid Flu testing platform from Quidel called Sofia 2. Sofia and Sofia 2 use lateral-flow and advanced immunofluorescence technology to provide objectively interpreted test results within minutes!

In addition, we will discuss Quidel’s wireless cloud-based system (Virena) available to clinicians for monitoring influenza and other infectious diseases in your community. Virena enables you monitor test activity and disease states within your clinical network. In addition – Virena sends de-identified patient test results to the Quidel cloud for conveyance to you and public health agencies, including the CDC. Virena is integrated in Sofia 2 and is also available for Sofia.

We will also discuss the FDA’s reclassification of rapid Flu tests – which become effective January 12, 2018.

A brief discussion of test reimbursement for various types of Flu diagnostic platforms will be included.

Target Audience:

Community Health Center physicians, nurses, lab managers, clinic managers, billing, office staff

Webinar Overview/Learning Objectives:

  • Importance of rapid flu testing and Influenza monitoring in ILI patient management
  • How the FDA Reclassification of Flu tests in Jan 2018 may affect Flu test availability or test application
  • A new CLIA Waived Influenza diagnostic technology – Sofia 2 – and special govt Sofia test pricing and deployment options for CHC labs
  • CPT coding information to assist with Flu test reimbursement


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