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By law, every health care entity must self-select into a group purchasing program requiring that the organization complete an enrollment process. The enrollment paperwork includes the following:

  • Customer Enrollment Form: This form captures client information (i.e., name of organization, address, class of trade, federal tax ID number, etc.) and generates a member number for client.
  • Participation Agreement: Clarifies for client the terms and conditions of enrollment including that the health center understands they are being enrolled in a national GPO, that Provista and ViP may find and enter into agreements with vendors who discount their products and services to enrollees, and that Provista and ViP collect rebates/fees from vendors, etc.
  • Authorized Distributor Form: This form identifies which distributor (i.e., Cardinal Health, McKesson/PSS, Henry Schein, or other medical distributor) the health center would like to access via ViP.
  • Letters of Participation: Identifies which manufacturing contracts the client would like to align itself to in order to have access to requisite discounts.

Typically, from the day that the paperwork is completed and returned to ViP, the enrollment process takes 45 days to fully complete. At which point, the health center should see discounts for the products and contracts with which they’ve aligned themselves. Some discounts, depending on vendor, will be realized more quickly.

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