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Our Dedicated Staff

Gwen Siebert
Chief Operating Officer
Gwen serves as top administrative and executive officer for Community Health Ventures, Inc. She is responsible for evaluating joint venture and partnership opportunities.

301-347-0400 ext. 4003

Danny Hawkins
Senior Vice President
Danny is responsible for the sales and marketing of all CHV programs, including but not limited to the Value in Purchasing (ViP) Program, Value in Staffing (ViS), Value in Benefits (VIB) Program, and VIP Dental. The CHV program portfolio is the only CHC programs endorsed by NACHC. In addition, he is responsible for introducing new products and services to the CHV program portfolio.

301-347-0400 ext. 4006

Rodrigo Peredo
VP of Sales and Customer Service
Rod supports and manages all sales and customer support activities for CHV. He is also responsible for developing and leading CHV Sales efforts for new products introduced into CHV’s “Value” Program. He provides ongoing customer support to clients and ensures that all their service needs are met.

Rod is fluent in Spanish.

301-347-0400 ext. 4015

Alex Vactor
Account Executive
Alex is responsible for introducing the CHV line of products and services to health centers and assisting health centers in the enrollment process. He also helps health centers evaluate other current and future programs offered through Community Health Ventures. He provides ongoing customer support to clients and ensures that all their service needs are met.

301-347-0400 ext. 4061

Steve Perez
Member Support Specialist
Steve supports all programs, members, partners and operational efforts at CHV. He is responsible for developing long lasting relationships with our member and partner communities.

Steve is fluent in Spanish.

301-347-0400 ext. 4007

Hugo Cubias
Marketing & Creative Director
Hugo supports all sales, marketing and operational efforts at CHV and ViP. He is responsible for developing marketing solutions and working closely with channel partners and clients, as well as internal staff.

Hugo is fluent in Spanish

301-347-0400 ext. 4019

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