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Verizon Enrollment Process

Verizon offers ViP members a 23% discount on corporate cell phone plans and a 22% discount on employees’ personal cell phone plans

Enrollment Information:

In order to access the discounts, an organization must first submit notification to Verizon that they want to enroll in the discount.  Verizon requires that an organization have at least 2 corporate lines (lines paid for by the organization) to access both the corporate and personal discount.

ViP Member Organization Registration

  1. ViP member must submit information at https://secure.alliancewebs.net/other/verizon_redirect.asp.  (Access this website using Internet Explorer.)
  2. This website is for members of Novation, which is ViP’s channel partner.  Enter the following login information:
    • User ID:  “Verizon” (case sensitive).
    • Password:  “Provista” (case sensitive).
    • Hit the LOGIN IN button at the bottom.
  3. When the Verizon Entity Agreement appears, enter the following information:
    • ViP/Novation Membership ID (MID) number.  (Contact ViP representative if you don’t have your MID.)
    • Zip code.
    • Hit the “Validate” button to populate fields 3-9.
  4. Enter practice tax ID and other required fields (noted with red asterisk).  Click “submit” and agree to the terms.
  5. Upon completion, Verizon will email a copy of the Verizon entity agreement plus other information within 3-5 days.


22% Employee Discount Registration

Employees (and up to 5 family members) can access the personal discount using the processes below.  An employee must be the primary Verizon account holder (Verizon account must be in employee’s name).

  1. Employees may register at www.verizonwireless.com/getdiscounts or go to a Verizon store.
  2. If using the website, employees will need their employee email address for validation.
    • If the business suffix is not the same or if practice is using a common email service such as Yahoo or Hotmail, the employee must complete the Discount Eligibility Form found on the website in step 4.  You will need information from the practice enrollment for validation.
  3. If going to a Verizon store, employee will need a paystub and employee ID.


  1. Allow 1-2 billing cycles for Verizon discounts to be applied.
  2. Accepting the discount will restart a member’s two-year commitment with Verizon, but will have no impact on equipment upgrade eligibility status.
  3. Employees may have up to five lines in their name, including voice plans and data features.
  4. Discounts apply only to service plans.  Unlimited plans, $10 add-on voice lines and mobile broadband data are not eligible for discount (talk to a Verizon representative to determine if you should change plan levels).

Enrollment in ViP is free and easy. To learn more about ViP and to help get started, contact:

Rod Peredo
VP Client Services
[o] 703-739-7308
[f] 703-995-0817
Alex Vactor
Executive Sales Associate
[o] 301-347-0400 ext. 4061
[f] 703-995-0817

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