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What is a Community Health Center?

Community Health Centers serve the primary health care needs of more than 22 million patients in over 9,000 locations across the United States. Health centers play a crucial role, particularly during tough economic times, providing affordable health services for millions of uninsured and newly jobless Americans. Health centers provide a unique and comprehensive approach to health care that saves money, improves patient health, and creates good local jobs in the communities that they serve.

Community health centers help save money every time an uninsured patient opts to quickly address a health issue through exam and treatment, rather than waiting for a costly emergency room visit. Health centers also ease medical expenses for unemployed Americans whose families could face poor health without care, or severe medical debt.

Each health center takes a unique approach to meet the needs of the people in their surrounding community. A local approach to health care, combined with an innovative emphasis on comprehensive preventative care, generates $24 billion in annual savings to the health care system – to taxpayers and private payers alike.

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